Advocate Stamps – Neo Stamp A


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Advocate Stamps – Neo Stamp A

  • The names, titles, and contact details of attorneys and tax advisors are included on Advocate stamps which are designed specifically for them.
  • If the essential details are provided, obtaining advocate stamps online is straightforward. You can select the type, size, and ink color, as well as make other necessary adjustments.
  • In addition to pre-inked advocate stamps with an integrated ink pad, traditional rubber stamps with wooden handles and an extra ink pad are also available.
  • You might be able to get rid of repetitive handwriting and administrative mistakes by using advocate stamps.

Pre-inked advocate stamps

  • The pre-inked advocate stamps ink supply is kept in the stamp assembly.
  • A separate ink pad is not necessary because the ink is already present in the stamp assembly.
  • Before the ink starts to fade, the pre-inked advocate stamp may make more than 12,000 perfect impressions.
  • More important than ink colour and rubber stamp variants is choosing an advocate stamp that is robust, portable, and damage-resistant.
  • Mail and documents are authenticated with the advocate stamps.
  • The advocate stamp ought to be legible and distinct.
  • While purchasing advocate stamps, size preferences should be taken into account.
  • The amount of information you need will decide the size of the stamp.
  • The type of material used to make the mount and your available budget will ultimately determine how much it costs to make a stamp, however, this can vary greatly depending on how intricate you want your stamp to be.
  • Brand: Neo Stamp¬†
  • Product Name: Neo Stamp A
  • Dimension: 63x23mm
  • There is no need for a separate ink pad because the ink is contained within the stamp assembly.
  • Simple to re-ink

Conclusion For Advocate Stamps

Using advocate stamps can speed up and simplify numerous operations. Additionally, you can utilize a premium stamp to simplify and uncomplicate your process.


Stamp Size - 63mm X 23mm

Printing Area - 60mm X 20mm

40 g
6.3 × 2.3 × 5.8 cm


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