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Pre Inked Stamps Articles

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Pre-Inked Stamps?

Pre Inked Stamps are the modern versions of regular stamps. They are single-coloured and pre-filled with your choice of ink while making them. You don’t need an Ink Pad with this kind of stamp. They are capable of giving 10,000 to 25,000 impressions and can be refilled after that. Refilling of these stamps can be done at any stamp maker.

What Are The Surfaces Pre Inked Stamps Work On?

Pre Inked Stamps work on almost all Absorbent/Permeable Paper Surfaces.
Eg: Normal Printing Paper, Pizza Boxes, Carry Bags, Price Tags, Envelopes, Handmade Paper, Tissue Papers, Corrugated Boxes, etc.

Pre Inked Stamps work to an extent on Jute and Fabric material. However, the quality of the impression will not be great.

Pre Inked Stamps DO NOT work on Non-Absorbent/ Non Permeable surfaces like Polythene Covers, Shiny Surfaces, Plastic Materials, etc.

How To Get A Stamp For a Govt. Office/School/Bank?

If you are an employee of any Govt. Department / Finance Institute / Educational Institute, then we need an authorization letter or email from your official email ID to prevent any misuse of rubber stamps.

Please do not place an order without valid authorization letters. Such orders will be cancelled automatically. In such a refund, a service charge of 10% will be levied. The rest of the amount will be refunded to the same payment method.

Once you place the order please share your Authorization Letter to mentioning your order number in the subject line of the email.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

We take 1 business day to process your order and delivery time may vary based on your location and takes between 2 to 6 business days.

Custom Pre Inked Rubber Stamp

The custom pre inked rubber stamp is considerably smaller than the regular, conventional one. Additionally, pre inked stamp are entirely pre inking and quite convenient! With these two characteristics, you can accomplish much more with a small amount of effort and time.

Without even slowing down, your documents will look quite professional. Having these available will present you with several chances to improve your workflow and dazzle clients, coworkers, or friends while addressing mail.
One of the numerous advantages of keeping a pre inked rubber stamp at your desk is that it gives you a polished appearance.

  • For official reasons, traditional rubber stamps have been a highly helpful tool, but one major issue with these was ink leaks. When it comes to custom pre inked stamps, this is unimportant because the inside pads eliminate any risk of ink spillage.
  • Need to complete something quickly at work? There is no need to ask your intern to do an errand for you or stop and buy an ink pad from the stationery store.
  • You can easily ink your own stamps whenever you want thanks to the practical pre inked rubber stamp that is readily accessible nowadays. This will save you time so that you won’t have to wait around for your virtual assistant for another afternoon.
  • The need to carry about ink pads, which are frequently difficult to acquire on short notice, while using traditional stamps can be a burden. Customers can even look forward to using the newest stamps if that absurd notion comes to them while they’re out in public because they’re small enough to carry everywhere!
  • Since they are no longer restricted to the conventional round or oval form, rubber stamp are now simple to customize. Your pre inked stamp can be created and you may customize the length and width of your rubber stamp as well!
  • The overall thickness, level of detail, color, embossing effects, and even whether it has a self-adhesive backing so that it sits flat when mounted on your artwork are all options you have. We no longer live in a time where printing is restricted to what the manufacturer has predetermined for you instead, we now live in a time where you may choose exactly how you want your image printed!
  • We have come to understand that custom pre inked stamps provide excellent imprints that other stamp designs just can’t match.
  • Pre inked stamps separate out from the competition thanks to their superb typing font quality and high level of precision!
  • One of the most well-liked types of stamp collections among collectors is a pre inked stamps. This category has something to suit every taste thanks to its various variations, including dater and common seals. 
  • You undoubtedly already know that rubber stamp may be a terrific way to market your brand in any tiny way.
  • Good news! You may now personalize your rubber stamp. The fact that these rubber stamp are customizable and can give you so many wonderful advantages is even greater news. 
  • The fact that you can modify the pre inked rubber stamp is the greatest advantage, which is evident. When you utilize rubber stamp for your business, you’ll want them to be at least loosely tied to what you have to offer.
  • The custom pre inked rubber stamp can now be turned into your logo, company, or something else unique thanks to personalized rubber stamp.
  • You get to create the stamp’s design. What an amazing thing! You can also understand why this is a huge advantage for business owners and managers who want to advertise their companies as much as possible. 
  • Custom pre inked rubber stamp good quality is another advantage. You are surely aware that some rubber stamp can leave a lot of smudges when used. When your stamp in your letter or mail is so smudged, it won’t look professional. However, you can be sure that custom pre inked stamps guarantee top quality. 
  • The custom pre inked stamps leaves no smudges and maintains its excellent appearance throughout. Smudges won’t be a problem any longer. This is a wonderful bonus as well.
  • Custom pre inked stamps are a terrific way to add different textures to scrapbook pages and customize stationery, but buying individual stamps can get pricey very quickly! It’s much simpler than it seems to create your own stamps, and you can alter the size of the stamp to fit any purpose, from gift tags to tote bags!
  • Pre inked stamps have been beneficial in a variety of situations related to office work.
  • Rubber stamp are adaptable and simple to customize to the user’s requirements. Furthermore, the production of it happens quickly.
  • A rubber stamp may often be created in a day, more particularly in a few hours. 
  • Even the most basic rubber stamp may be quite durable and useful for a variety of tasks around the office.
  • The custom pre inked stamps can be modified for official and legal purposes as well as for more informal ones. 
  • A pre inked stamps can be created from a variety of terms to help you organize your work-related documents. For instance, you can use your rubber stamp to create basic words like “declined,” “faxed,” “paid,” and “approved”.
  • Pre inked will make it simple for you to stamp the words into the paper as you sort and stack them according to their proper stacks.
  • If you try to write the steps that need to be taken for the paperwork, other people will find it simple to grasp what they have to do as they assist you, without having to ask you or try to read your handwriting. In doing the work in this way, you not only save time but also energy. You can finish it more quickly and with less effort.


The fact that custom pre inked stamps is offered in a variety of option. Not only can get personalized stamps, but you can also choose from as many colours as you choose. As a result, there are a tone of various colors from which to select if you want to be very inventive with your stamping. Each hue can be embellished with a fresh pattern. With personalized pre inked stamps, you can do pretty about anything.