Custom Teacher Stamps – Sun Stamper S


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Custom Teacher Stamps – Sun Stamper S


  • There are many ways to use custom teacher stamps in a classroom setting.
  • When a child succeeds, shows that they have worked hard to achieve a goal, or simply displays outstanding classroom behaviour, it is crucial to notice and applaud them when it is due.
  • Actively praising a student will motivate them to keep working, but wouldn’t it be better if your words of support persisted longer? a strategy that pupils could use to keep in mind the prize they got
  • If you give them constructive criticism about their shortcomings, their drive will rise. For use in educational marking, there are customizable pre-inked teacher stamps available.
  • Pre-inked custom teacher stamps for submitting feedback are also available.
  • Pre-inked custom teacher stamps for educational marking can be used to praise pupils in addition to providing feedback.
  • Teachers use stamps to simplify the marking process. Additionally, by encouraging and praising students for their hard work in class and on their homework, they help you, the teacher, save critical time.
  • Personalized teacher stamps can encourage and motivate students while also reducing the number of time teachers must spend marking. The stamp can give marking a structure and a precise way to get feedback on whether it complied or not with school marking policies.
  • Students can use this framework to better grasp the non-negotiable goals that must be achieved in each piece of writing that is acceptable for their age group, and teachers can benefit from it by using it as a checklist of success criteria for writing assignments.
  • Even though it might not seem like much—30 seconds per book—when spread out over an entire class and several different courses, the time quickly adds up. If a primary school teacher has an average of 30 books for each subject and four subjects to mark each day, the pre-inked custom teacher stamps might save them an hour per day and 15 minutes per topic. Therefore, as teachers and pupils are the ones most likely to use pre-inked stamps,
  • Teachers and students, who are the key stakeholders in marking systems, may therefore benefit from using pre-inked custom teacher stamps.
  • You can readily ascertain when any documents were reviewed or when any work was completed using the date stamps. The built-in ink pad is also accessible while using pre-inked custom teacher stamps and doesn’t dry out.
  • Brand: Sun Stamper 
  • Product Name: Sun stamper S
  • Dimension – 50x50mm
  • There is no need for a separate ink pad because the ink is contained within the stamp assembly.
  • Simple to re-ink.


Conclusion For Custom Teacher Stamps

Teachers can provide students feedback and encourage them to raise their academic standards by using customized pre-inked teacher stamps. There are several popular designs of custom teacher stamps that have already been inked. If you want to create your own special custom teacher stamp, you can design or upload your layout onto a customized pre-inked stamp. Actually, stamps can aid kids in learning and development.


Stamp Size - 50mm X 50mm

Printing Area - 46mm X 46mm

60 g
5 × 5 × 6 cm


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