Proprietor Seal – Sun Stamper B


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Proprietor Seal – Sun Stamper B

The owner is solely responsible and in control of the business’s finances, including any debts, loans, losses, and other commitments. Online shoppers can acquire a selection of proprietor seals. To create a proprietorship corporation, a proprietor seal is necessary.

  • Both the company name and the owner’s name are frequently included on a proprietor stamp.
  • Owners of businesses, managing directors, and directors are eligible to use the proprietor seal.
  • Proprietor stamp saves both time and money.
  • Proprietor seals might be conventional wooden stamps, self-inking stamps, or pre-inked stamps.
  • High-clarity proprietor seals are beneficial for business.
  • A good proprietor seal that requires little upkeep and performs flawlessly will be quite helpful.
  • You can always refill your pre-inked and self-inked stamp for the proprietor at any time without increasing your workload or costs.
  • Online proprietor stamp customization is affordable and available in a variety of styles and forms.
  • On the Proprietor stamp, the firm name and designation only need to be printed at their broadest and tallest points to produce the ideal size area.
  • High-quality proprietor seals will leave an impression that is incredibly sharp and clear. There are a variety of original address stamp templates to choose from. In comparison to labels, proprietor stamp are more flexible, affordable, and environmentally friendly.
  • Proprietor Seals are practical because they enable you to complete monotonous work successfully, quickly, and affordably.
  • For both personal and business use, stamps are less expensive and more useful than sticky address labels. The process of stamping a document takes a little while.
  • A pre-inked and self-inked stamp will give the owner at least 12000–13000 impressions and will generate a better print.
  • The proprietor stamp is the ideal size for routine use and features a place for your signature.
  • Pre-inked stamp owners use flash technology to create superb, distinct imprints.
  • Beautiful stamps are made only with the best inks and flashes.
  • There is no requirement for a separate ink pad because the ink is already present in the stamp assembly of the pre-inked stamp for proprietors.
  • Before fading, a pre-inked proprietor stamp can make more than 12,000 flawless impressions.
  • Brand: Sun Stamper 
  • Product Name: Sun stamper B
  • Dimension: 57 X 17 mm
  • There is no need for a separate ink pad because the ink is contained within the stamp assembly.
  • Simple to re-ink


With proprietor seals, your documents will look more professional. Any legal document can be easily stamped with the company name and your name.

Stamp Size - 57mm X 17mm

Printing Area - 54mm X 14mm

40 g
5.7 × 1.7 × 6 cm


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