Official Doctor Stamp – Exmark Y


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Official Doctor Stamp – Exmark Y

  • To make the entries in case notes easier to read, several hospitals utilize pocket-sized, pre-inked rubber stamps. Most doctors and medical staff members utilize the Doctor stamp, a straightforward and useful tool.
  • You can sign consent forms, death certificates, radiography requests, and cremation requests with a Doctor’s stamp.
  • In order to quickly acquire phone results, the stamp has the necessary contact information printed on it.
  • A doctor must first evaluate any written reports from the ward before adding them to the case records. The doctor merely needs to stamp the document with their official Doctor stamp to attest that they have actually seen it.
  • Official Doctor stamps may enhance responsibility, risk management, and legibility.
  • The durable, portable official Doctor stamp is made of plastic. They have rounded corners and are simple to carry in any pocket.
  • The pre-inked mechanism has an easy-to-replace disposable integrated inkpad to prevent any mess.
  • This simple doctor stamp tool is a great addition to any doctor’s wallet based on clinical governance.
  • Important expressions like “allergic to,” “please visit pharmacist,” and other often-used phrases can be swiftly stamped on patient files or notes by medical practitioners.
  • Medical and dental offices, busy hospitals, and urgent care facilities all benefit greatly from personalized Doctor stamps.
  • They help overloaded healthcare institutions run more effectively. Alternatively, an official Doctor stamp inscribed with the doctor’s name and office address might be used.
  • Brand: Exmark 
  • Product Name:  Exmark Y
  • Dimension:56x36mm
  • There is no need for a separate ink pad because the ink is contained within the stamp assembly.
  • Simple to re-ink

Conclusion  For Official Doctor Stamp

Whether you operate in a hospital, clinic, or private practice, an official Doctor stamp is beneficial for all medical professions. Medical professionals can stamp easily. Select pre-inked, specialized rubber stamps for medical use rather than the more conventional wooden handles.


Stamp Size - 56mm X 36mm

Printing Area - 53mm X 33mm

80 g
5.2 × 3.3 × 7 cm


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