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Round Stamp with logo – Sun Stamper S

  • Round stamp with logos is among the most widely used and simple designs. Round logo stamps are often used by businesses, organizations, and academic institutions. Because it has a more formal appeal, it is perfect for professional agencies.
  • As the name would suggest, the round stamp with the logo contains the company, firm, or business logo. Circle stamp with logos take up very little space and leave a good impression on documents or letters.
  • Round stamp with logos exist in a wide range of designs, but the self-inking and pre-inked versions are the most widely used due to their portability and compactness.

Pre-inked round stamp with logo

  • A pre-inked round stamp with logos, which has ink built into the stamp, creates an impression that is clear by letting only the right amount of ink absorbed by the text plate.
  • Your decision to select this stamp above others will be influenced by a few benefits of this self-inking technology.
  • Your desk will be organized once you get rid of the standard rubber stamp and stamp pad. Traditional rubber stamps are not covered after use, thus the surface may still have ink marks on it.
  • A pre-inked round stamp with a logo reduces the chance of the table getting soiled because the text plate is covered after usage.
  • Pre-inked round stamp with logos are widely available, and they may be able to meet most office needs.

Sun Stamper S

  • Dimension: 50 × 50 mm
  • No additional ink pad is required because the stamp already contains the necessary ink.
  • Easy to re-ink

Conclusion For Round Stamp with logo

Round stamp with logos are a practical tool for leaving the brand of your company on materials like paper or items. Making greater use of the space at hand benefits you. Thanks to the many alternatives available, you may choose the right rubber stamp for your logo stamping requirements depending on size, shape, ink color, and mounting technique.


Stamp Size - 50mm X 50mm

Printing Area - 46mm X 46mm

40 g
5 × 5 × 6 cm


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