right kind of stamp type

For the purpose of creating cards and other paper crafts, many individuals like using and collecting rubber stamps. 

Rubber stamps РAn image or words engraved into a piece of rubber fastened to a wooden, acrylic, or plastic handle to make rubber stamps. The engraved picture is then filled with ink, and using a stamp type, it is transferred to a surface typically made of paper or fabric for imprinting. Choosing the right kind of stamp type is a crucial business component of their daily work. 

The right kind of stamp type can be used with many different ink colours. Collectors adore them for their virtually infinite variation. If you’re wondering where to buy a notary stamp for your collection, only licensed notaries can buy them, and they must be destroyed after they are no longer valid. You might still be able to locate an antique one for your collection, though. Notary stamps from the past are valued and greatly sought after by collectors.

Pre-inked stamp types 

Stamp types that have already been inked up are attached to an ink bottle. When applied to paper, the stamp’s raised portions are filled with ink, leaving an impression. This right kind of stamp type is preferred by certain people because it leaves an imprint that is crisp and clear. The stamper must be used slowly so that the ink has time to soak into the design between applications, and only one colour of ink can be used.

There are hundreds of thousands of distinct designs and an infinite number of uses for these three major stamp types. It never gets old utilizing the right kind of stamp type, whether you’re a collector, artisan, or company owner.

Instead of simply purchasing whatever is offered at the lowest price, you should invest in the appropriate number of stamps as a novice to get started. In order to avoid losing your love for cardmaking, consider reading through the ideas.

Self-Inking stamp types 

Self-inking stamp types include an attached ink bottle. When the user is prepared to produce an impression, the ink remains in contact with the stamp until it automatically flips back to reload the stamp. These stamps are typically used for professional and business-related activities, called business stamps such as printing a return address on envelopes or designating paid status on invoices. They frequently utilize marking envelopes with phrases like “undeliverable” or “return to sender” at the post office.

Advice on buying the right kind of stamp type

  1. Always choose florals because they are appropriate for any occasion. Flowers are a fantastic way to express your sentiment, whether for a birthday, anniversary, sympathy card, or any other occasion.
  2. Purchase the most popular sentiments, such as birthday and anniversary wishes, as opposed to ones like “you are my sunshine,” etc.
  3. There are numerous companies that sell pre-inked stamp types.

Types of inks for the rubber stamp types

right kind of stamp type

Dye ink 

These are inks that resemble the violet-coloured inkpads used in offices. Simple liquid ink is applied to a cloth-based pad. Dye inks have the advantage of drying quickly; as soon as you stamp, the paper absorbs the ink and doesn’t smear. However, they are not opaque, thus your picture will most likely turn greenish if you stamp a yellow image over a blue cardstock. These inks are therefore more than enough to get started, provided you are aware of the colour chart. Water-based, waterproof dye inks are available on the market.

Pigment ink

When you press your stamp against the foam pad holding the pigment ink, it seems more like thick, vivid ink. Since these inks don’t penetrate the paper, they remain on top of it and take some time to dry up. However, they can be brilliant and produce solid opaque hues.

Pigment inks are utilized to adhere the heat embossing powder to the paper or area since they require time to dry after application or stamping. Because pigment ink gives the stamped image a lot of joy and boldness, it has a totally different orange tint than dye ink.


The right kind of stamp type continues to play an indispensable role in our increasingly digital environment, whether you’re speeding up boring paperwork or creating a one-of-a-kind handcrafted gift. However, the ones sold at craft stores only come in a small number of basic inscriptions, and obtaining a unique design can be expensive. You can make a one-of-a-kind work of art that you can use time and time again with a pre-inked stamp type.


  • What are the positive impacts of using dye ink?

The advantage of dye inks is that they dry rapidly; as soon as you stamp, the ink is absorbed by the paper and doesn’t spread. They are not opaque, though.

  • What are the best stamp designs for creative assignments?

Flowers are a wonderful way to convey your feelings for any occasion, whether a birthday, an anniversary, a sympathy card, or any other.

  • Why is a rubber stamp the best choice for your projects?

Three main stamp types have a huge variety of uses and hundreds of thousands of unique patterns. Using rubber stamps is always fun, whether you’re a collector, an artist, or a business owner.

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