customized pre-ink rubber stamp

A great tool to have on hand is a customized pre-ink rubber stamp. They are adaptable and simple to use. It is understandable why more and more models are becoming re-inkable given their dependable operation and wide range of uses. You can save money by doing this because you don’t need to buy a new stamp, just refill it with the appropriate ink, and you’re ready to go.

Refilling ink for customized pre-ink rubber stamp

Here are a few tips you need when you require stamp re-inking instructions to make sure you do it correctly without breaking your stamp.

  • By grasping the base and pulling the handle out, you can unstick the handle.
  • If necessary, repeat the process after adding the necessary amount of ink—6 to 10 drops for small stamps and 15 to 25 drops for large stamps—and letting it sit overnight to allow the ink to spread throughout the pad and rubber. 
  • Do not over-ink as this will cause the ink to leak, it is preferable to under-ink and repeat the process after 24 hours as opposed to getting a sloppy stamp that leaks ink.
  • Only use pre-Inked series ink when refilling; any other ink will cause stamp damage.

How to apply?

  • Pre-Ink rubber stamp should be used by gently pressing the handle against the paper. In contrast to traditional stamps, a strong strike or rocking action is not required. 
  • The best impression will be made if the stamping surface is lightly pressed. For optimal ink flow, wait a few seconds between stampings.
  • Because it spreads into the paper and dries fast in the air, the ink from the customized pre-ink rubber stamp is perfect for paper. 
  • On surface-treated paper like photo or parchment, where the coating slows ink absorption, it yields less desired results.
  • Regular use includes routine business operations such as imprinting on paper,
  • Normal use excludes commercial and industrial stamping, as well as any application in which the original hand stamp has been altered or combined with a stamping device of any kind.

How to clean a stamp’s surface?

customized pre-ink rubber stamp

Customized pre-ink rubber stamp should be kept away from dust when being stored. Any plastic tape with a tacky side can be used to remove paper fibers or dust that may gather on the stamp surface. To remove any debris that may accumulate on the stamp surface, simply apply rubbing alcohol to a dust-free cloth. Never use harsh rubbing motions on the stamp surface or expose the rubber to sharp objects.

Re-inking your pre-inked stamp

Once the stamp imprint has become consistently light, re-inking is required. By taking off the handle, the majority can be refilled from the back. This is how they were intended to keep your hands tidy and ink-free. Use only the original colour of refill ink when refilling. There are numerous models available, and there are numerous inking techniques. Please refer to the package or package insert for comprehensive, illustrated re-inking instructions.

It should go without saying that you’ll need ink to reload your rubber stamp. The kind of ink to buy, however, is not immediately obvious. Always make sure you purchase the ink designed for that brand of stamp when buying ink. You will know for sure at that point if you bought the correct ink. Even though other products might work, you might not receive the results you were hoping for if you use them.

Not all ink brands are created equal. Because the formulae vary, it’s possible that one brand’s formula won’t work with pre-ink rubber stamps. Additionally, some inks are simply softening agents rather than true ink, as is the case with gel or jelly stamps. These reactivators do little more than release the product’s ink. Some kinds of ink are completely useless and could even harm your stamp.

Changing ink colour in customized pre-ink rubber stamp

A customized pre-ink rubber stamp ink color cannot be altered. The conflicting formulas of the various ink colors may not mix and cause a blurry impression. This is because using a different ink formula may cause the pores in customized pre-ink rubber stamp tiny holes that hold the ink to become clogged. Additionally, because you are effectively blending two colors, you might not receive a real color. You cannot transition from black to red, in other words. A true red won’t appear.

Ink quantity chart

Sun stamper

Holder SizeSUN STAMPER Ink (g) 


Holder SizeSUN STAMPER Ink (g)


Holder SizeSUN STAMPER / NEO Ink (g)
NEO A3.8
NEO B2.6
NEO E1.8
NEO Q4.5
NEO R2.5
NEO X5.8
NEO Y4.8


Holder sizeSun Stamper ink (g)


When you purchase a customized pre-ink rubber stamp, you come to the point where its imprints start to become light or weak. Your pre-ink rubber stamp needs to be re-ink when the impressions begin to appear light. Re-inking your rubber stamp can frequently extend the life of the stamp, and perhaps most significantly, your rubber stamp keeps leaving wonderful impressions.



  1. When should you re-ink your customized pre-ink rubber stamp?

When the impressions start to seem light, you need to re-ink your rubber stamp.

  1. How does regular re-inking help the pre-inked stamp?

Re-inking your rubber stamp can frequently increase its lifespan, and, probably most importantly, it maintains its ability to produce beautiful impressions.

  1. What is the most important factor to keep in mind while re-inking your pre-inked stamp?

When buying ink, always make sure it is intended for that particular brand of stamp.

  1. Why is mixing two inks while refilling not recommended?

The hue of customized pre-ink rubber stamp ink cannot be changed. A fuzzy impression could result from the different ink colours’. This is due to the possibility that utilising a different ink formulation could result in clogged pores in the pre-ink rubber stamps.

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